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In 'Spy Cat: Safari' the pups, the puss and myself hook up with a cheetah, a crocodile and a panda. Some of them were definitely 'spy,' material.

Which wild animals do you think would make good spy pets and why? I reckon a giraffe would make a pretty good look-out...


By Alasdair on 19th Jul 2015

A dolphin could jump out from underwater and see the criminal work.

By Molly Hudson on 25th Jul 2015

I think a monkey would be a good spy because a monkey is agile and cleaver it also can swing from place to place the way they are cleaver is because in the wild they can break open birds eggs and hard nut shells.It would be good for city missions.

By Khao on 21st Aug 2015

A dolphin.


By Agent epic on 28th Aug 2015

I think a cheeta would be handy

By guinevere on 3rd Sep 2015

i think that a mouse would make a good spy animal as it is small and can easily spy on anybody and that person would not even realise that it was there

By Olivia on 20th Sep 2015

I think you should get a rat because they can squeeze through tiny gaps and definetely an elephant, the can crush the babbie.

By Olivia on 20th Sep 2015

A rat would make a good spy because they are so small they could fit through tiny gaps.

By Harsha on 30th Sep 2015

Andrew cope introduce the spy pups with Lara

By finn jones chipp on 2nd Oct 2015

ha ha!!! brilliant

would a croc' make a good spy to?


By Zain on 9th Oct 2015

Wow Andy all your books are great did you know I love your books and I can read 10 132 page books in a day

By zain Ali askor

By Celina on 14th Oct 2015

I think a cheetah would make an awesome pet because it is really fast!By the way I love the books except I have only read STORM CHASER and SUMMER SHOCKER!

By Spy 429 on 15th Oct 2015

A chose a cheetah because it will catch up to the bad guy

By amber and harry on 17th Oct 2015

I think an eagle would be good because they could get an aerial view of a place or a cheetah because it could catch the baddie.

By Woof on 18th Oct 2015

I think a cheetah would be a good spy because they are extremely fast.

By mercy on 3rd Nov 2015

I think a cheetah will make a great spy

By amber and harry on 7th Nov 2015

a cheetah because they are fast and could easily catch a baddie.

By Jovahrn on 10th Nov 2015

Giraffe tall lookout

By aadil dalal on 24th Nov 2015

it's awesome

By LARA: More Salami and Banana? on 28th Nov 2015

A fly would be a good spy because it can squeeze through small spaces and fly. Oh, and it also rhymes...
A fly became a spy
Because of a comment, he let it fly...

By Agent epic on 14th Dec 2015

I think a fly would be a good spy because it can sneak into situations unnoticed

By Agent epic on 14th Dec 2015

I think a fly because it can get into situations unnoticed did you know my surname is van der spuy!

By jess on 9th Jan 2016

I think a bat because in the dark, it can echolocate if a bad person is there. Also, maybe a fennec fox because it has huge ears to listen to peoples bad plans.

By Agent Farsaad on 16th Jan 2016

I think a peregrine falcon would be awesome because because it is fastest flying bird ever lived and it has really sharp claws

By Erin Lynch on 17th Jan 2016


By Agent cosmo on 16th Jul 2016

Get a lion! Lots of people are afraid of lions so the thief would probably just run away. Also, the lion would be good at pouncing on the thief and catching them.

By Agent 5498 on 17th Jul 2016

I think an owl might be good. Also, a fox or a dolphin could be useful.

By Sarah on 10th Aug 2016

This is the best book ever!!!™!!!!!!

By Adelaide Illman on 15th Aug 2016

Cheeta cub . they're super fast. Spotts really blend in.

By Peter on 18th Aug 2016

The safari book sounds great even though I never read it

By agent x on 14th Oct 2016

I think an eagle

By fin on 22nd Dec 2016

so loveley books

By Kitten lover on 22nd Jan 2017

A Cheeter as they are fast and agle

By Conor on 23rd Feb 2017

Dear Andrew l love your books Lara is my favourite

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