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What to read?

Hi, it’s Lara here. I love being a secret agent and I also love reading. I especially love books that have animals in them. Any recommendations on what I should read next?


By Emma Carlile on 2nd Mar 2015

There are a lot of good animal books you can read but none of them are as good as the spy dog series! I've now run out of spy dog books to read! uh oh! So I started reading the joke book again. there are many flaws about the joke book and many of the answers for the brain testers are completely wrong! The jokes are funny though!

By CV89 on 4th Mar 2015

Hi, It's agent CV89,GM451!
you should read A DOG CALLED GRK by josh lacey

By katie on 9th Mar 2015

lara is

awsome we love lara

By Rosa Amler on 9th Mar 2015

Daisy and the trouble with kittens.

By hugo on 15th Mar 2015

hi GM451
spy dog is my fave book

By hugo on 15th Mar 2015

hi GM451
spy dog is my fave book ever
i have read all of them including pups and joke book (there are some really funny jokes)
cant wait n one joke my head was laughing soooooo much LOL

By Kiki on 23rd Mar 2015

You should read your books or the SPY PUPS or Paws and Whiskers by Jaqueline Wilson!

By 010 on 29th Mar 2015

Animal books? well, I've read quite a lot and I recommend animal ark. Have you seen the movie bolt? Try that.

By Classified on 8th Apr 2015

Spy dog and spy pup books are the best books but try "I WILL ALLWAYS LOVE YOU".It is short but a very nice book.

By ethan and i am 8 on 13th Apr 2015

i am making my own spy pet book

By rudi on 18th Apr 2015

i really enjoyed Montezuma by Michael Morpurgo. Montezuma is a ginger kitten that loses his Mum.

By Grace Woodcock on 22nd Apr 2015

You should read Animal magic seies by HollyWebb

By Gab on 25th Apr 2015

I think you should read the chocolate dog by Holly Webb.

By Hello on 27th Apr 2015

Maximum Ride, Hunger games

By Maria Javed on 3rd May 2015

read what you want but there is a good book called " The 100 mile an hour dog " it is so funny :) !

By Maria Javed on 3rd May 2015

read what you like but I love " 100 mile an hour dog "

By dk639 on 7th May 2015

i love the spy dog books and star and spud are COOL but i have not read spy cat yet i cant wait you should read Percy Jackson,beast quest and The Hobbit . i know you visit schools but i was thinking you could visit home schooling groups as well, as i am homeschooled :) Agent DK639 signing out

By Erin Doherty on 10th May 2015

You should read paws and whiskers by jackalene whilson
But its still not as good as spy dog

By wsf on 13th May 2015

You should read by Just a Dog by Michael Gerard Bauer. :)

By FlyingWaffle on 21st Aug 2015

Hmmm.. harry potter isn't bad, and some Sherlock. Yeah Im old fashioned xD

By roisin on 31st Aug 2015

you should read animal ark,p.s. i love u Lara,you are so clever!!!!!!!♥

By Olivia on 20th Sep 2015

The great dog disaster by Katie Davis, it rocks trust me.

By amber and harry on 17th Oct 2015

what about the giraffe, the Pelly and me
the wind in the willows

By D276C4 on 19th Oct 2015

Lara, you should read 'The Good Dog'. It is about a super dog like you ( But he isn't a spy dog like you , obviously)!
;}D276C4. Over.

By mercy on 3rd Nov 2015

You should read "magic kitten,puppy,pony" etc

By woof Bark on 12th Nov 2015

I LOVE spy pups and spy dogs, not forgetting spy cats, Andy is the ABSOLUTE BEST author EVER! *

By Miles on 16th Nov 2015

I love my spy-dog book

By Savya Savya on 22nd Nov 2015

you should read Even More Meerkat Madness
it is full of meerkats in it!

By Eloise on 27th Nov 2015

I am 12 so I read books like the hunger games (its awesome) the best book I ever read was the Divergent series. Try that

By ahmet on 13th Dec 2015

lara is cool

By Agent Farsaad on 16th Jan 2016

I think you should read Zoe's rescue zoo

By Erin Lynch on 17th Jan 2016

Hi Lara,
you need to read "GO ROCKY GO", anything by Michal Morpurgo and your own .Or tmnt.
[there animlz 2, rite.

By Megan chua on 18th Jun 2016

You should read snoopy

By lucy church on 26th Jun 2016

knitbone pepper ghost dog

By Leah on 10th Jul 2016

Hi Lara you should really read the giggler treatment by Roddy Doyle

By Agent A118o on 8th Oct 2016

Rd It's a Dog's life

By Dulcie on 23rd Dec 2016

You should read A Rupert Bear annual.

By Dulcie and Lola on 28th Dec 2016

I love your books because they are fantastic

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