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A new year and a new book! This one includes an amazing invention that... well, there's a clue in the title. If you could invent a machine that did anything you wanted, then what would it do?


By Sydney on 23rd Dec 2014

Hi, Andrew! If I could make a machine that could do anything it would to get santa to come every day!!!

By Eloise on 3rd Jan 2015

Hi Lara!! Just got your new book! It's awesome so far! :) Anyway, I would invent something that can see into other people's thoughts; basically, it brings telepathy to life! Big fan! xx

By Ruby Carden on 4th Jan 2015

A machine that controls time

By Tiger on 6th Jan 2015

I would invent a machine that would force andrew cope to write another spy pups book, seriously what hapend to that series it was at it's highest and then it stoped, I realy need a knew spy pups book in my colection


I like cheese

I'm a tiger


topologicaly I am typing on a plate!

By ahmed on 16th Jan 2015

show me movies and give me food

By Emma CARLILE on 21st Jan 2015

I would love to be able to make a machine! I would create a machine that does your homework for you! LOL!!!

By Emma CARLILE on 21st Jan 2015

I love the sound of this! I would invent a machine that does your homework for you! Lol!!!

By Emma on 21st Jan 2015

This book sounds epic!

By Ben w on 24th Jan 2015

I got your new book and blackout it was really good I'm still half way threw black out tho ⭐️Love your books their awesome

By Ben w on 24th Jan 2015

I love all your book can't wait to see your new one ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

By martha buxton on 28th Jan 2015

i am so excited to read this book i want the whole collection

By zak on 28th Jan 2015

I love spy dog storm chaser I love the part where ken soop made chicken soop out of chicken snot from Zak Willoughby

By leila on 28th Jan 2015

I would have the chocolate dollper because I love chocolate

By will Hughes on 29th Jan 2015

I am thinking of some great ideas Mr hussey from will hughes

By agent n on 29th Jan 2015

i would make bad people extinct and help Lara

By aimee on 12th Feb 2015

it would make lots of me so i could do lots of stuff

By Grace on 12th Feb 2015

I love your books! I would make a time machine to travel back in time.

By Lucy Big Fan on 13th Feb 2015

My gosh, I love the books especially Spy Pups books, and basically I am overjoyed to hear about the Spy Cat book, since it's a whole new step. I never visited the website before but since it's the hols and I was planning to; well, what have I got to lose?

I feel so horrified when the baddies hurt Spud and Star. I am just so MAD D:

But when there's a happy ending, I'm really glad, especially when Spud gets lots of pizza and donuts to eat!

On a plane, I would be like Agent K. Have you been on a plane before to New York, like in Training School? Also, I really liked Danger Island. It was a wakeup call for us all to start looking out for our beautiful beaches!

By Christian Clark on 16th Feb 2015

Really enjoying the book hope you do the next one Mr Hussey

By Emma carlile on 25th Feb 2015

Love the book but a machine that creates miserableness and storms, really? And a had made from woven sunbeams! You have got a mind of your own Andy! LOL!!!

By Phoebie Mae bird year 5 on 2nd Mar 2015

Dear mr Hussey teacher at northborough primary school I love your book I'll give it a big ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Because it's so good I think the villain is really funny and evil and how is spud your new black puppy?

By Aidan on 26th Mar 2015

I would make myself a spy animal and help Lara!

By Erin Doherty on 10th May 2015

I would make a machine called 'The No Sleep Machine' that could be slipped into you pocket and it would give you all the sleep you need at day and you'll never have to sleep again!!!!!

By mercy on 3rd Nov 2015

I would make a machine that can do multiple jobs at once. E.g.do My homework,chores And anything that includes manual activities

By Agent epic on 14th Dec 2015

I would like Jonny English Aston martin because I love cars

By Erin Lynch on 17th Jan 2016


By Saskia on 27th Jul 2016

Hi Lara (and also you Andy) if I could invent a machine that did anything it would be for me and my sister to never argue again OR it would do everything. But I would do which ever one you would do.
From Saskia

By Kitten lover on 22nd Jan 2017

I have read your new book its amazing!

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