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Christmas time...

Hello there, this is Lara typing (difficult with paws, I can tell you!) I love Christmas and I love books. So, here’s something for you to think about… if Santa was going to bring you one book, what would it be?


By samuel mumford on 26th Nov 2014

please can santa bring me SPY PUPS TRAINING SCHOOL. ps.. I think in the next SPY PUP book the professors new gadget should be a jet pack that can travel up to 250 mph!

By Ben on 29th Nov 2014

I would love black out think I'm gonna call into easons . I love theses books infact the only books I read all in the one day :)

By thea on 29th Nov 2014

I would have any of the spy dog books ( spy cat )

By Lucy Opie on 30th Nov 2014

spy dog secret santa

By jessica on 30th Nov 2014

hello Lara. my name is Jessica. my mummy is typing this for me a I am only 6. I am your number 1 fan.mummy reads me spy dog stories every night. I'm hoping Santa will bring me some spy pup books. I think I have all the spy dog books. I didn't like it when that nasty dog Bambi had a fight with you. I hope the pups are OK, and your sticky up ear with the bullet hole is all mended. have a lovey happy Christmas. I love you. from Jessica.

By Jenna on 30th Nov 2014

Spydog rollercoaster

By Ben on 1st Dec 2014

thank you

By Max Halls (otherwise known as agent quicksand) on 3rd Dec 2014

I would like spy dog
super brain for a
book for Christmas
if anything.

By Max Halls (otherwise known as agent quicksand)

By Emma on 3rd Dec 2014

well, I haven't got all of the spy pets books so I would like all of the ones I haven't got already but since I can only choose one, I would pick 'spy dog secret santa' because it is about Christmas.

By Joe on 5th Dec 2014

Can you do a second secret Santa and the guy gets found this time the second time round

By Sydney on 11th Dec 2014

Hi Andrew! My name is Sydney and I'm 10 and live in the USA, and I recently found out about your books [They look AMAZING!!]. Even though I haven't read any yet I ordered a pack of 8 books last night and hope to get it before Christmas! I just wanted to ask some questions about your books. 1. Does LARA actually have a bullet hole in her ear? 2 How did you come up with the idea of 'SPY DOGS'? And I know this isn't a question but I want Santa to bring me 'MUMMY MADNESS' or 'JOKE BOOK'. I have 6 pets including a Fluffy Corgi named Tucker [Agent name TS2610] a Hamster, Guinea pig, bird, hermit crab, and fish. We will hopefully be trying out for the pet's talent competition. I don't know if Tucker has any talents, but I really want that signed book to add to my 'going to be SPY DOG collection. Hope to here from you soon and if its possible could LARA write a little bit in your reply? That is if her paws aren't tired already! Bye!

I hate BADDIES! -Sydney :]

By erin on 12th Dec 2014

Lara aI would want some new gadgets

By Gabi on 29th Dec 2014

It would be secret Santa or mummy madness

By Emma Carlile on 21st Jan 2015

I would like the new spy dog book.

By Emma Carlile on 21st Jan 2015

Yay! I got the book I was after!

By robert on 24th Jan 2015

The book that I would want for Christmas is SPY CAT 2 .
But I would also want to know how long did it take to catch Stanly Strange in the book Secret Santa.

By Agent451 on 8th Feb 2015


By Jigme on 23rd Feb 2015

Spy Cat Safari Defenetly i have got all the rest!

By Ewan on 12th Mar 2015

Spy Dog, come in... My name is Ewan and I am 7 years old. Could Andrew Cope make Spy Kitten and a book called Sporty Spy?

By Aidan on 23rd Mar 2015

i would love storm chaser {spy dog}

By imnottellingumyname on 29th Mar 2015

got talent or stormchaser

By amber and harry on 17th Oct 2015

if Santa would bring me one book it would be spy dog storm chaser. amber
if Santa would bring me one book it would be spy dog got talent. harry

By By Caitlin on 21st Oct 2015

I would like spy pups Survival Camp

By ahmet on 13th Dec 2015

hi lara i want aspy dog stormbreaker

By Erin Lynch on 17th Jan 2016


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