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Just finished writing Spy Cat 2 (called 'Blackout') which is out in the summer. Can't say too much because it's top secret but crikey me, it's been fun writing it! In fact, I'm exhausted. Which brings me onto a question... what's the most EXCITING book you've ever read?


By erin on 12th Dec 2014

I dont have a answer any new book I get I think is exciting

By Sydney on 23rd Dec 2014

The most exiting books I've ever read are your SPY DOG books. The are trilling and exilerating! and give me a burst of energy every time. They are sooo exiting and adventorus too. I'm only up to the 5th book and it is amazing!!!!! I have 8 so far. Plese reply back soon!!!

-Sydney :]

By Your BIGGEST Fan Ever on 31st Jan 2015

Spy dog rocket rider, because it tells us about your history! (p.s. Why was this website changed?)

By emily on 11th Feb 2015

it is some books called how to train your dragon or it is some books about a labrdor sized dog that is black and
white and she has two pups called star and spud and she made this website.........

By Erin Lynch on 17th Jan 2016


By KAJUS on 1st Aug 2016

This book is so cute and good
and I love KATS

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