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Just back from watching 'Despicable Me 2'. Spud and Star loved it. They think it's the best movie ever, unless you can recommend something better?


By Casey on 13th Dec 2014

hi! I could recommend how to train your dragon 2, lara!

By Sydney on 23rd Dec 2014

Hi, Andrew! My favorite movie that I've ever seen is probably..... HHHHHHMMMMMM. Oh, got IT! Rio 2!!! I love all the vivid colors and think it has a great message. Bye! Merry Christmas! Reply soon!

-Sydney :]

By Emma Carlile on 21st Jan 2015

You should make spy dog movies!

By William on 26th Jan 2015

I'd recommend big hero six

By ahmet on 13th Dec 2015

hi lara i would recomend you to watch minions you could stop that evil villian

By jesica on 4th Jan 2016

I can Lara try santa paws
it's all about dogs like you!

By Erin Lynch on 17th Jan 2016


By Kitten lover on 22nd Jan 2017

Probably Alex Rider Storm-breaker. It is like Spy dog only Human.

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