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More 'Spy Cat' stories?

Andrew's written loads of 'Spy Dog' and 'Spy Pups' books. Have you read his new 'Spy Cat' book yet? If so, waddayathink? Should he do another one?


By Susan on 1st Jan 2015

I love cats,so I would love a pack of the Spy Cats series!

By Emma carlile on 21st Jan 2015

I think he should definitely write a third one!

By William on 26th Jan 2015

Loved the book just wished Shakespeare was called Shakespaw

By agent: stampycraft2005 on 11th Apr 2015

awsome and yes there should be more spy cat books!!!!!

By chocolate muffin on 4th Oct 2015

yes my friend has one and says they are good

By amber and harry on 17th Oct 2015


I think the spy cat book was great and just making a suggestion do you think you could write a book called "Mr. Big's spy pigs? if so we would love to read it.
And we are entering your monthly competitions.

amber and harry

By Erin Lynch on 17th Jan 2016

i luvd yur fersd buk sow i wontid anuvr 1.write 1mor.

By robles-hewson on 9th Aug 2016

i love it you should write a whole series

By Agent Delta known as Iren Khan on 3rd Nov 2016

I think that Professor tapped a button and the camera zoomed in to get closer look at a man asleep on a sofa was so funny in Spy Dog Mummy Madness page 93,paragraph one

By Agent cat on 28th Dec 2016

You should have call Shakespeare 009 like James Bond

By Kitten lover on 22nd Jan 2017

I have your books and Spy cats are the best. You an tell by my name! I love CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)x5

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