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The best way to get updates on whats going on at SPY PETS HQ is from the boss herself, Agent GM451, or Lara to you and me. Have a read about what she's been up to.

  • Animals

    In 'Spy Cat: Safari' the pups, the puss and myself hook up with a cheetah, a crocodile and a panda. Some of them were definitely 'spy,' material.

    Which wild animals do you think would make good spy pets and why? I reckon a giraffe would make a pretty good look-out...

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  • What to read?

    Hi, it’s Lara here. I love being a secret agent and I also love reading. I especially love books that have animals in them. Any recommendations on what I should read next?

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  • Storm Chaser

    A new year and a new book! This one includes an amazing invention that... well, there's a clue in the title. If you could invent a machine that did anything you wanted, then what would it do?

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  • Christmas time...

    Hello there, this is Lara typing (difficult with paws, I can tell you!) I love Christmas and I love books. So, here’s something for you to think about… if Santa was going to bring you one book, what would it be?

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  • Spy Cat 2

    Just finished writing Spy Cat 2 (called 'Blackout') which is out in the summer. Can't say too much because it's top secret but crikey me, it's been fun writing it! In fact, I'm exhausted. Which brings me onto a question... what's the most EXCITING book you've ever read?

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  • Feb's Dog Blog

    Just back from watching 'Despicable Me 2'. Spud and Star loved it. They think it's the best movie ever, unless you can recommend something better?

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  • The Best year of your life

    Christmas will soon be upon us. And then 2014! What are you going to do to make 2014 the best year of your life, ever?

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  • More 'Spy Cat' stories?

    Andrew's written loads of 'Spy Dog' and 'Spy Pups' books. Have you read his new 'Spy Cat' book yet? If so, waddayathink? Should he do another one?

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